Belfast Showcase at ECMC North Event

The Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) Network is dedicated to supporting pioneering, early-stage clinical trials and translation of scientific discoveries into new cancer treatments for patients. Belfast ECMC is a collaboration across NICTN, the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, QUB, and the NI Biobank. Scientists, doctors, nurses and patient representatives from six centres (Belfast, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield) attended an ‘ECMC North Showcase’ in Newcastle-upon-Tyne 15 March 2018.  The aim was to share research and promote collaboration across the network.

Belfast ECMC speakers included Professor Richard Wilson, who kicked-off the presentations by senior investigators describing a phase I trial of 5-FU and CV6-168, currently in development.

Professor Richard Wilson, ECMC North Showcase, 15 March 2018

Dr Eileen Parkes presented her research on the biology underpinning the DNA Damage Response Deficiency (DDRD) assay, developed by QUB and Almac Diagnostics, and Dr Philip Dunne described how ‘Intra-tumoural stromal heterogeneity undermines colorectal cancer transcriptional classification’. Belfast poster presentations were by Dr Suneil Jain and Professor Daniel Longley.  The event was very successful and a useful collaborative and networking opportunity for all involved.

Belfast ECMC is one of 18 adult centres across the UK. It is funded by HSC R&D Division and Cancer Research UK.

Networking Photos from ECMC North Newcastle 15.03.18

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