ADRRAD prostate cancer trial patient tells his story – see video

Click on the link to ‘David’s Story’ and scroll down to see a short video featuring Mr David Livingstone speaking about his participation in the ADRRAD study.  ADRRAD [Neo-adjuvant Androgen Deprivation Therapy, Pelvic Radiotherapy and RADium-223 for new presentation T1-4 N0/1 M1B adenocarcinoma of prostate] is a clinical trial led by Professor Joe O’Sullivan, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) / NI Cancer Centre.  In this Movember video Professor O’Sullivan describes the research endeavour to develop new ways to help men with advanced prostate cancer.  The ADRRAD study is co-ordinated by the NI Cancer Trials Network/Belfast Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, and recruitment is nearing completion.  The NICTN and the team of doctors, research radiographers and Trust and University staff involved wish to thank all the men like David who are taking part in this study. 

The study is sponsored by Belfast HSC Trust and funded by Bayer PLC and the Friends of the Cancer Centre.




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